It's just damn funny!

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It's just damn funny!

Post  LulzViking on Wed Nov 11, 2009 4:08 pm

This is the post I made on the Mythic forums regarding the AP issue after patch 1.3.2

I just read it again and lol'd.

Knight of the Blazing Sun walks out of the Starbucks with his creamy caramel macchiato. While walking and trying to delicately slurp through its frothy layer he absently collides with a Chosen who has now spilled his Dunkin Donuts large extra strong black coffee all over his freshly dyed and polished armor.

The Chosen jumps back assuming a solid fight stance with red eyes glowing through the slits of his horned helm. The Knight gasps and quickly jumps forward attempting to clean the armor of the angered chosen with his rainbow feathers of war. The chosen is not amused and challenges the knight. The chosen brandishes his long wide sword and board with a loud “HAA!”

The knight now seeing a fight is imminent, prances over to the closest window ledge and places his frothy cup of caramel delight safely aside, snugs up his tights with a firm tug and leaps towards the chosen brandishing his sword and board with an affirming “Mmhhmmm” followed by a shy wink.

The chosen sighs wishing Mythic would implement the /finger command. And then...

The chosen charges and the two clash!

CHOSEN: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT wait for AP..."Damn it!"...... FIGHT.... wait for AP... "WTF?! COME ON!".... FIGHT.... wait for AP... "RAAAAGE!!!"

KNOTB: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT wait for AP... "Now I'm going to have to get my feathers dry cleaned, but I could always walk around the mall while I wait"...... FIGHT.... wait for AP... "Did I remember to feed princess before I left?".... FIGHT.... wait for AP... "I wonder if he knows that red clashes with his black base. I bet he doesn't even care."

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